Gluten Free Barcelona

Spain is a great destination for celiacs. Many products are marked “sin gluten” in the grocery stores, and the Catalan capital – Barcelona – is full of amazing gluten free and celiac friendly restaurants and bakeries.

Gula Sana

Carrer de la Diputació, 361, 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Little coffee shop with outdoor seating and a great selection of brunch savory dishes, as well as tons of sweets and cakes.

Celiac plus points: 100% gluten free

We tried: Croquetas with caramelized apple, Huevos benedictinos con salmón, Galette Bretona, Chocolate and banana mousse cake, various cookies and muffins

Gula Sana: Eggs benedict

L’Arrosseria Xàtiva

Carrer del Torrent d’En Vidalet, 26, 08012 Barcelona, Spain

When in Spain, have a paella. And these guys can make it gluten free. There’s many great paellas on the menu and there’s no minimum servings limit (for most of them) so everyone can get their own type.

Celiac plus points: All their paellas are gluten free. Staff is knowledgeable about cross-contamination.

We tried: Anchovies with spring onion, Peach, almond & feta cheese salad, Vegetable paella, Black rice paella

L’Arrosseria Xàtiva: Paella


Carrer de Balmes, 106, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Very nice bakery and cafe with great savory and sweet options. They also make their own bread, which is really good, even on the second day.

Celiac plus points: 100% gluten free

We tried: Seeded baguettes, Chicken empanada, various cookies and pastries


Out of China

Carrer d’Aribau, 112, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

We were craving good Chinese food for some time, and we’ve finally found it! The restaurant is not 100% GF but the staff is really knowledgeable and even told us upfront that there’s no cross-contamination, so we don’t have to worry. Most of their dishes are gluten free, or can be made gluten free, including their amazing dumplings. They seem to have an extensive desert menu, too, including several flavors of mochi, which we’ll have to try next time.

Celiac plus points: Very knowledgeable about cross contamination. Cooking gluten free dishes for 15 years.

We tried: Dim sum, Stir fried broccoli with shitake, Fried rice

Out of China: Dim Sum

Cal Màrius 449

C/ de Mallorca, 449, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Little sandwich shop offering tasty pastrami sandwiches/bagels, hamburgers and delicious deserts. Of course everything is gluten free, and as many celiacs are lactose-intolerant, everything is also conveniently lactose free.

Celiac plus points: 100% gluten free and lactose free.

We tried: Pastrami sandwiches, Homemade tiramisu

Cal Màrius 449: Pastrami sandwich

En Ville

Carrer del Dr. Dou, 14, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

100% GF restaurant with friendly staff and some intriguing flavor combinations.

Celiac plus points: 100% gluten free

We tried: Salad of spinach with Camembert cheese, Duck confit with plums, Roast Norwegian salmon, Cheesecake

En Ville: Cheesecake


Carrer de les Ramelleres, 26, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

I think Google knows too much about us already so it suggested this tiny bakery while we were walking on La Rambla. We were glad it did though, as we found GF cronuts and other treasures.

Celiac plus points: 100% gluten free

We tried: cronuts, various pastries


Hanai Vegana

C/ dels Carders, 28, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Wandering through the Gothic Quarter we stopped to check where we were on the map, turned around, and there it was – 100% gluten free bakery with the most epic cinnamon rolls! And we almost missed it! Everything we tried was amazing and we couldn’t even believe that everything was also vegan. We have to come back for their savory pastries.

Celiac plus points: 100% gluten free

We tried: Alfajores, Ferrero bites, Apple crumble, Cinnamon roll

Hanai Vegana: Cinnamon roll

Chocolat Factory

C/ de València, 268, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

We were surprised to find out that this big store with several branches across Barcelona and Spain is completely gluten free! And they don’t even advertise it much (which is a shame). The chocolate truffles were amazing and we brought a few boxes home with us.

Celiac plus points: 100% gluten free

We tried: various chocolate truffles

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