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Quiche With Broccoli, Yogurt And Roasted Peppers

I like quiche. It’s filling, full of protein, you can eat it warm or cold, with a fork or like a pizza. It’s fairly easy to make, too. And, just like with pizza, you can use whatever ingredients you have at home: zucchini, mushrooms, ham, tomatoes, goat cheese, spinach – the options are endless. Since… Read More »


Puerco Rápido – Quick Pork With Vegetables

Just a quick high-protein, low-carb meal. The recipe is for 3 servings, 1 serving contains about 390 kcal, and costs around 46 CZK (May 2015) 500 g pork neck (not too fatty) 2 pcs (160 g) white peppers 2 pcs (160 g) red peppers 1 medium yellow onion 240 g tomatoes 300 g broccoli 1… Read More »